Our Approach

Real estate is not a one-size-fits-all experience, but often it is treated that way. At Bespoke Realty Group, our mission is to provide an exceptional, custom experience, tailored to the needs and priorities of each individual client. We achieve this by:

LISTENING - At Bespoke Realty Group we listen more than we talk. This is essential 
to discovering the true motivation behind your real estate goals.
Meeting You “Where You Are” - There is a vast difference between a first-time homebuyer, 
a homeowner who has purchased several homes, and a homeowner who has lived in a home for 
30+ years and is ready to downsize. We assess and evaluate your comfort level with the 
home buying and selling process and tailor our guidance to meet your needs. 
Personalized Project Plans - For our sellers, we create step-by-step project plans for 
preparing your home for market. Our customized checklist takes the guesswork out 
of what should stay or go, be replaced or repaired, touched up or repainted. 
Having this information in writing allows all of us to be on the same page, clarifying 
expectations and making it easy for both of us to follow. 
Custom Communication Plans - Individuals, regardless of generational label 
(i.e. Boomers, Gen X, Millennials) have different communication needs, whether it be frequency, 
duration or method. We ask you up front how often you would like to receive 
communication and how you prefer to be communicated with. By listening, we gauge 
whether you need “just the facts” or prefer a more in-depth analysis. 

Custom Staging Plans - Staging a home to sell involves much more than a plant here or mirror there. 
Our staging plans are carefully crafted to highlight the best aspects of your home, 
while also presenting challenging areas in their best light. Our large staging inventory 
ensures that we can accomplish selling your home at its highest potential.

Bespoke Realty Group is positioned in every way to provide care and competence 
in guiding you to your Next Stage!